College basketball banned Metallica’s ‘Enter Sandman’, so fans belted it out acapella at a game
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College basketball banned Metallica’s ‘Enter Sandman’, so fans belted it out acapella at a game

College culture at it's best

March Madness turned into Metallica madness earlier this week, as Virginia Tech fans put up a metaphoric middle finger to the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) for banning ‘Enter Sandman’. 

Virginia Tech’s Hokies (don’t know why they’re called that) have long used the classic metal track as their entrance music, great choice. However, the NCCA banned Virginia from playing the song as they are hosting the annual tournament, which must be a neutral site.

So Virginia fans, who sold out the Cassell Coliseum, decided to go acapella with it. The result is glorious. 

“Virginia Tech hosted this Women’s NCAA Tournament game as a “neutral site,” reporter Riley Wyant shared beneath the above tweet. 

“So, the NCAA said the Hokies would be fined if they played their traditional Enter Sandman entrance. So yes, the song was banned for this instance but not for usual home games.”

The Hokies, amped on by their classmates in the crowd, ended up cleaning the floor with their opposition the Chattanooga Mocs (seriously, what is with these names?), winning 58 - 33. 

Surprisingly, victory isn’t the only thing that’s been birthed with a live version of ‘Enter Sandman’ playing. Last year a real human baby was born during Metallica’s concert at Estádio Couto Pereira in Brazil. 

Metallica fan Joice M Figueiró was 39 weeks pregnant when attending and began to feel contractions during the third to last song of the set, ‘Battery’. Services were called but that baby wanted to come into this world hearing an all-time song live. 

When the medics arrived, it was too late to rush Joice off to the hospital as the baby was on the verge of arrival, meaning the delivery had to be carried out at the venue.

At 11:15 PM, Baby Luan was born while Metallica performed ‘Enter Sandman’ - helluva way to enter the world. A missed opportunity to call the baby ‘Sandman’ though.