Six-year-old wins USA Kids Mullet Champion with epic lid, plans to buy alpaca with prize money
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Six-year-old wins USA Kids Mullet Champion with epic lid, plans to buy alpaca with prize money

Boy oy boy he beat out some glorious 'murican mullets.

This decade saw the return of the mullet and the kids have caught on. The US held its fourth annual Mullet Championship this year and the winner for the Kids category has been announced. 

Six-year-old Roryt Ehrlich from Maryland and his lid - nicknamed ‘Cheddar Whiz’ - received the most votes, beating 24 other finalists with valiant mullets to take home US$5,000 (NZ$8,450).  

Rory will use the money on just the essentials, telling 6ABC he’ll “buy my sister an alpaca, and go to wing night again”. 

Rory was invited to watch a Phillies MLB game after being crowned and got recognised by complete strangers thanks to the champion follicles bursting out his head. 

“It was hysterical,” his mother. “Rory was laughing and cheering. It was really cute”. 

Last year’s Kids Mullet champion Emmitt ‘Mullet Boy’ Bailey congratulated Rory for joining him in the business-in-the-front-party-in-the-back history books. 

“Carry the USA Mullet Championships crown proud,” Bailey commented. “Have the time of your life and enjoy every second. From one champ to another - congratulations”. 

The USA Mullet Championship started back in 2020 when everyone had to get home haircuts as barbers were shut down due to COVID-19. 

“With hair salons being closed for multiple months in the first half of 2020, many people took on the dreaded task of facing down a home-brewed haircut,” their site reads.

“For some, this manifested in a mullet style: either out of appreciation for the cut, or, perhaps, out of necessity.”

“Get the hair off your face without worrying about trimming the back of your head where you can’t see.” 

We love a good mullet here at The Rock and will be keeping a close eye on the upcoming Teens and Men’s USA Mullet Championships, announced at the end of August.