Tool confirm they're set to record new album early next year
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Tool confirm they're set to record new album early next year

They'll hit the studio in February next year once their tour wraps up.

Tool are planning to record a new album in the spring once they wrap up their North American tour.

The band are currently busy touring the US and Canada and recently added a slew of new dates throughout early 2024 which will conclude in Las Vegas on February 18 - and bassist Justin Chancellor has revealed they will be hitting the studio as soon as they get home from the road.

Speaking on The Vinyl Guide podcast, he teased: "[We have] got many ideas cooking ... [but] haven’t recorded anything yet ...

"We’re quite busy until after the spring of next year touring. So once that’s done we’re gonna get back in the studio and knuckle down and put some of it together ...

"[We've had] a few pretty decent sessions of writing ... So we’ve got all the ingredients in place. We’ve just got to really bang it out and spend that time when we’re not touring."

He went on to add the band are sitting on plenty of material from their last recording sessions, but nothing good enough to put on a new record. He explained: "[There's] tonnes from the last album. We have tonnes of ideas. But not recorded to the standard that we’d put on an album. Just kind of… lots of demoed stuff. And just tonnes of ideas that are just stored away."

The band's last album 'Fear Inoculum' was released in 2019 - 13 years after their previous offering '10,000 Days' in 2006.

Speaking after the launch of 'Fear Inoculum', drummer Danny Carey insisted fans wouldn't have to wait another decade for their next release. He told Metal Hammer magazine: "We have tons of material. It’s not going to take 12 years, or if it does, I’ll probably be so old I probably can’t pick up my sticks any more! But my hope is we’ll do another record and just keep moving forward."

Man I'm glad we won't have to wait 13 years for their next album. 

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