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15-year-old Taylor Hawkins performs at his high school ‘battle of the bands’ in unearthed clip

The full performance has just been uploaded to YouTube.

New unearthed footage has emerged of legendary drummer Taylor Hawkins as a teenager, playing the drums in his high school band.

The clip, which was uploaded to YouTube by Hawkins’ schoolmate Jason Blalock, shows the 15-year-old and his band playing a rendition of Van Halen’s ‘Panama’ back in the spring of 1987. Taylor’s dressed in a white shirt, complete with a black bow-tie.

According to Consequence, the video was filmed at Laguna Beach High School’s ‘Battle of the Bands’ when Hawkins was just a freshman in 9th grade. 

A shorter snippet of the video had previously been uploaded to YouTube thirteen years ago, but now we have the full performance to watch - and it’s sick to see Taylor killing it on the drums at such a young age. In fact, the whole band is on point for a group of ninth graders. 

It’s also pretty insane to watch this video, and then look back on Taylor’s son Shane playing ‘My Hero’ at his dad’s tribute show when he was just sixteen years old. He’s definitely his dad’s son.

Have a watch of the video up of 15-year-old Taylor up top. RIP, legend. We miss you.