WATCH: Josh Homme gave a Sydney fan a huge pash mid-Queens of the Stone Age gig so pucker up NZ
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WATCH: Josh Homme gave a Sydney fan a huge pash mid-Queens of the Stone Age gig so pucker up NZ

Nothing wrong with kissing the Homme goodnight.

Kiwi Queens Of The Stone Age fans could be in for an electric night if frontman Josh Homme’s mood hasn’t changed since his Aussie shows. 

Earlier this week at the band’s Sydney concert, Homme took crowdwork to another level, locking lips with obliging fans. During the tune ‘Straight Jacket Fitting’, the 50-year-old wandered into the stands of Hordern Pavillion and embraced multiple punters. 

Footage of the incredible scene has emerged online and other members of the crowd were just as stoked and surprised as you are reading this right now. 

Commenters on another YouTube video are saying how crazy seeing that live must’ve been, and asking if Homme was on any drugs (spoiler, he was).

“I was there, right near this - insane!” one person wrote, “He was totally off his chops - the rest of the band were laughing at him all night!”

“Bet nobody had 2 snogs on their Josh crowd interaction bingo card,” said another. 

“I want what he’s on,” a third added.”

If ya didn’t know, Homme and the rest of Queens Of The Stone’s Age are heading over here for three shows. They’ll be rocking out in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch, starting from Thursday this week. There are still tickets to all three shows, available here

Last year, Homme told Rock Drive that he was gutted he only got to visit Auckland when the band came here in 2017, so he’ll be stoked to be heading further south this time around. 

“I love going to New Zealand and Australia,” he said. “When we went, we only went to Auckland one of the times. I was so frustrated because I love going to Christchurch and Welly too.”

“It’s like – we’re already there, ya know – it feels stupid not to do the whole thing.”

So, Welly and Christchurch fans can expect a very, very grateful Homme this weekend. Maybe even as grateful as he was in Sydney.