Fred Durst is starting his own podcast and it’s going to be about some out-of-this-world stuff
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Fred Durst is starting his own podcast and it’s going to be about some out-of-this-world stuff

This sounds like it could get wild.

Limp Bizkit lead vocalist Fred Durst is throwing his fitted baseball cap into the podcast ring and he’ll be rambling about the great unknown. 

Joining US talk show host Bill Maher’s newly established podcast network Club Random Studios (CRS), Durst’s currently unnamed podcast will be all about “UFOs and conspiracy theories,” Variety reports. 

Old mate is into aliens - his Instagram bio reads "🛸it’s not if, it’s when 🛸" - and he narrated a 2023 documentary about UFOs. At a Colorado concert in 2022, he asked the crowd how many of them believed in extraterrestrial life before saying: “I hate to be a preacher, but it’s super important you do not believe all this bullshit information they’re feeding us.”

“Everyone's feeding us all this fear-mongering bullshit, and it's up to us to seek the truth. It's gonna happen soon. There's gonna be a revolution. You better believe it."

Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan will also be starting his own podcast with CRS but the topic of his is currently unknown. Both Corgan and Durst have appeared separately on Bill’s podcast ‘Club Random’ before, and Maher said he felt connected to both of them even though their chats lasted barely 90 minutes. 

“I never knew Fred or Billy,” he said. “But something good happens there, and I can feel like I’m best friends for life with somebody who I just talked to for an hour and a half. That’s the quality we want — a nighttime feel.”

“These are people who I would be interested in listening to.”

He also added that he wants podcasts on his network to replicate his own and stand out from the crowd. 

“The style of my podcast has notable differences from other ones, and we wanted to replicate that a bit. Dance like no one’s watching? We talk like no one can cancel us.”

We all know Durst has a unique way with words so who wouldn’t be interested in hearing what the bloke’s got to say about extraterrestrial life?