Our nickname vid inspired a guy to trick his mate into getting this nickname tattooed

Rock Drive 22/04/2022

If you haven't already seen, we have a cracker of segment where we ask listeners to send in the best nicknames they have for their mates and there are some absolute beauties. 

In one of our previous videos of the series, a listener told us one of their mates was nicknamed the general as they were like general anesthetic to a conversation and eventually got it tattoed not knowing what it really meant😂

Then, the other day, we received a text saying that yarn reminded a listener of their mate so they set out to stitch him up by giving him the nickname in the hopes he'd get a tattoo of it as well. 

Have a listen to his chat with Dunc and Westie Lee as he explains on a cricket weekend away they successfully gave their mate the nickname and he eventually got it tattooed on the side of his hand. 

We've got a picture and all for ya to check out!