Josh Homme explains why making QOTSA albums is a 'difficult pleasure' - but a necessary one
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Josh Homme explains why making QOTSA albums is a 'difficult pleasure' - but a necessary one

“The making of it was.. It was complicated."

Jay and Dunc sat down with 'The Ginger Elvis' Josh Homme this week, ahead of the release of QOTSA’s new album In Times New Roman, which dropped on Friday (June 16).

The QOTSA frontman has had a hell of a last four years - dealing with the death of several close friends, a divorce with former-wife Brody Dalle in 2019, followed by a lengthy, public child custody case. The following year, COVID-19 shut the world down, and last year, Homme was diagnosed with cancer. 

Jay asked Homme about the feeling of creating and releasing a new album out into the world, to which Homme replied:

“The making of it was.. It was complicated. And it was at times very challenging and difficult.

“And it’s a dark record, although it’s kind of an immediate record,” he continued. “It’s very brutal sounding and in subject matter.”

Elsewhere in the interview, the singer explained that the process of making a record helps his mental health.

“I feel like the making of the records is really a very complicated, difficult pleasure to do. You know, I need to do that. Otherwise, I feel like my head's going to be all fucked up,” he explained. 

“This is kind of like my religion, and this is my way to get it out, you know?

“So making records is very necessary for me.”

Homme added that the band were so relieved to have finished the record that he’s forgotten to even have expectations on how it’ll be received. 

“It’s really beyond me now… It’s too late, sort of. There’s nothing I can do now.”

What. A. Bloke. 

Have a listen to J Ho’s full interview with Jay and Dunc below.