Sock Savage and Crumble Cutter: Living on the Edge 26
Rock Drive
Rock Drive

Sock Savage and Crumble Cutter: Living on the Edge 26

Starting to become concerned about you lot…

Lo and behold, it’s the 26th edition of Living on the Edge. 

If anyone’s good at Living on the Edge, it’s The Rock listeners. Have a read of some of 'em below.

‘Missus told me to turn my socks in the right way and put them in the wash, I put them in a nasty little ball inside out, guess whos living on the edge AND the couch’ 

‘Woke up at 2AM with the absolute dry horrors, opened up the fridge and punched back one of those one litre Up & Go’s, straight back to bed I went’ 

‘Nanas rhubarb and apple crumble says five serves, cut it into three, look at me go’ 

‘Auckland to the Tron which is an hour and a half on a good day, quarter tank of gas, left my wallet at home on the desk’

‘Went to cook dinner it said to cook at 180 degrees, so guess who cooked it at 185. Barely burnt too fellas’ 

‘Went to nans house, ate a sandwich, didn’t even eat the crusts’ 

Would you believe us if we told you that’s not all? Watch the full video below to hear the rest. 

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