Chindiana Bones, Lego and Popcorn: Nicknames Vol 43
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Chindiana Bones, Lego and Popcorn: Nicknames Vol 43

They just keep coming and they don't stop coming.
1 December 2023 1:55PM

Nicknaaaaaaaames 43.

On this, the FORTY THIRD edition of Nicknames we hear about:

'A guy with a massive chin who's as thin as a matchstick. His name is Chindiana Bones.'

A bloke called Ladders who unknowningly became an accomplice for a crime.

'My piece mate Jimmy received the name Splinter because he really is an annoying little prick.'

'Went to high school with a guy who at a party had to take a steamer. Someone walked in whilst he was having a wipe. Normally no big deal, but the person that caught him said he was wiping back to front. From that day on we called him Sh*tballs.'

'Work with a guy in the military with a big square head. He was nicknamed Lego. He then failed a fitness test because he'd become a bit of a pork chop. His nickname naturally evolved along with his declining health to Duplo, which is fat Lego for kids.'

'That's we call our mate Steppenwolf because he was born Toby Wild.'

'There's a bloke on site with the nickname Coleslaw because he's 80% cabbage.'

'We had a chef called Factory Reset, as every time we went home after a shift, he came back in like he's never stepped foot in the kitchen.'

'Work with a guy who met a girl at a fair in Southland. They were pashing in broad daylight in front of everybody and eventually disappeared into a maize paddock, only to walk out two minutes later with him looking embarrassed and her, unimpressed. His nickname is Popcorn.'

Unreal stuff once again. Can't get enough?