Mel's going home to spread her legs during lockdown

The Morning Rumble 23/08/2021

Hey, just following the COVID-19 lockdown rules here set by the Health Minister.

If you didn't catch it, Health Minister Chris Hipkins had an all-time mess up during Sunday's COVID update. When talking about where and what you can do for exercise, he blurted out:

It is a challenge for people in higher density areas to get outside and spread their legs when they uhhh, uhhh.... when they're surrounded by other people.

He knew he goofed up. So did Ashley Bloomfield next to him, who immediately let out a smirk and the double eyebrow raise. Ashley knows what's up.

The Morning Rumble were talking about that moment this morning on air, and one joke led to another, which then triggered Mel into unleashing one of the funniest things she's ever said.

Just watch above. 

Mel's going home to "spread her legs" during lockdown