Tradies text in their crook stories about the liberties they've taken while on the job

The Morning Rumble 13/07/2022

Ah tradies... You're an interesting bread of humans aren't ya.

The Morning Rumble read out texts from tradies across NZ, who have done stuff on the job that they probably shouldn't of.

Have a read of the texts below, or check out the video up top.

I'm a blocky now, years ago I was drain laying on a job in the AM when suddenly I needed to drop the kids off ASAP and nobody was home. I spotted a dunny in the garden, great looking feature! Worked a treat, shut the lid, job done. Cheers. 

I'm an apprentice sparkie, helped my mate's mum put a new light up. She was a bit short on cash so she offered me naughty cuddles as payment. I declinded because I'm in a happy relationship. Tell ya what, it was an awkward convo with my mate about it.

Went out to a job to finish off laying some bricks for a house. The wife asked if I wanted to come inside for a coffee so I did. Let's just say I didn't just go there to lay bricks.

I got home and the tradie was wearing a pair of my pants. He said he'd had an accident (number 2) and didn't have any clean pants and underwear, so he thought he could just help himself to my cupboard.

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