For the first time ever, Rog properly voted in The Rock 2000
And it took him a punishingly long time to do.
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The Morning Rumble

Watch Rog take a punishingly long time to make three Rock 2000 votes

Rumour has it he still hasn't finished entering his votes...

We've been doing The Rock 2000 countdown for over 20 years, and Roger Farrelly has been involved in every single one of them. And yet, this is the very first time he has actually voted.

Yes, you read that right. Each year he makes his picks - so we can share them on social for ya - but all he did was email poor Jax from promos with his song choices. Jax isn't even supposed to get these emails, we don't know why he sends them to her (but that's beside the point).

It blew Rog's mind that he had to actually log in to the website, select his 20 songs and click 'Submit' himself. So technically, Rog is a Rock 2000 virgin and this is his very first time.

And while we've made the voting process as simple and easy to do as possible (and let's be honest, you'd have to be pretty fucking thick if you couldn't figure out how it works). But in news that surprised absolutely zero people, Rog really struggled with getting the ol' computer to work.

We filmed him making his votes, and while this video appears to be nice and quick and well-paced, you can thank our severely underpaid digital team for rolling this turd in glitter. It literally took him over 10 minutes to get two songs in - and seven minutes of that was him not realising "Add Your Own" didn't mean "Search For A Song".

P.S. voting for The Rock 2000 closes midnight Sunday. Get yours in before it's too late.