Bryce's Message on Mental Health Awareness Week
Important korero from our mate.
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Bryce's message for Mental Health Awareness Week

Love this korero from our mate.
29 September 2022 1:34PM

As this past week has been Mental Health Awareness week - Bryce has shared an important message with all of us about staying in the fight.

'We need to be aware of our own and others mental health,' he said.

'Today while I was at boxing, stumbling trying to climb through the ropes into the boxing ring. I realized at that point that boxing itself actually has quite a lot of synergy with some people's mental health.

'Each day you might be doing your own rounds with or against yourself. And just like in boxing, some days, you might do better than others, but you are just trying to do your best to keep in the fight, whether it's taking a punch or slipping one.

'It's tiring stuff, no matter how fit you are. And everyone can be hit square in the face at any time, no matter how tough they are. I'm no expert in mental health at all. I certainly don't claim to be one either. I've sort of - and as our show has sort of - just become a show that tries to use our platform to help others so that they don't have to go through what I have.

'I've lost my first mate, Aaron, at 16. I've lost a family member. I've lost two other friends since. I know the pain that suicide leaves behind to friends and family, because I've seen it firsthand, I still see it.

'And often the questions are never answered and the people are always missed greatly. So as I say, being no expert in a week like this, I just thought I'd take the time to appreciate what people like my wife have done to teach me things that I never knew about it, through her own battles.

'I appreciate what people like Jazz Thornton, John Kirwan, Mike King and Tai from I Am Hope and all the many others have done through their own vulnerability and honesty. I will say, hugely appreciated.

'All the brutal honesty told to me by you, the listeners of the show, with your own battles and losses and that have been told to all of us and to all the many generous people of you whom listen to us that have donated over the years and our fundraisers to try and help others.

'$1,000,000 in fact. It's something to be so hugely proud of as a listener and as a member of the show. So I don't know really what my point was exactly, which is quite often the case with me, but it was more an observation yesterday as I did something that helps my own brain, which is exercise. Do whatever it is that helps yours.

'If it's exercise, do that. If it's to go see mates, go to that. If it's to listen to a record from start to finish, do that. If it's to take the medication that helps your brain do that. Or talk to a counselor or a therapist. Whatever it is. Just make sure you stay in the fight.'