The Morning Rumble

Listener Mark's mate was circumcised by a biscuit and a goat

He shoved a biscuit in his old fella and got a goat to eat it..

The headline intrigued you, didn't it?

Listener Mark told us about the time he was at a rugby camp in Invercargill... And any story that starts with that is never gonna end well..

Apparently Mark's mate found a packet of SuperWine biscuits and decided to shove it into the end of his old fella. As ya do.

He thought it'd be a good idea to rest his piece on the fence near some goats, to see if they would eat it.

Spoiler: They did. 

And that's the story of how Mark's mate was circumcised by a biscuit and a goat. Have a watch of the yarn up top.

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