The Morning Rumble

Rog's daughters tricked him into having dinner at Karen's Diner (where he got abused)

Well played girls, well played.
10 October 2022 12:47PM

Oh man, we would have paid good money to be a table next to Rog's this night.

Rog's daughters - Olivia and Grace - told Rog and his wife, Lisa, that they would shout them a nice dinner at a fancy restaurant. But little did Rog and Lis know that the restaurant they booked them was Karen's Diner, the infamous franchise that is famous for it's rude staff that hurl insults and abuse at their customers.

Well played girls, well played.

Turns out, Rog had an absolutely miserable time (unsurprisingly). He was verbally abused by multiple staff members (one of which knew him from The Rock), was forced to participate in awkward social activities, and to top it off - he had to pay the bill at the end of the night. The girls didn't shout them anything - again, well played.

Lis didn't avoid the insults too - watch the vid above to hear what happened.