Bryce's Children's Book
Bryce's Children's Book
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The Morning Rumble

Bryce is writing a kids book, 'Morning Rumble In The Jungle', to raise cash for Gumboot Friday

Who's keen to snag a copy?

Bryce has been working on a cheeky little project to help raise money for mental health support in our country.

He made the announcement (which you can watch in full above) one morning and I’ll tell you what, it shocked just about each and every one of us working here at The Rock. 

“I’ve been working on something that I haven’t told you guys that much about and it’ll come as a great surprise to not only you guys but certainly my English teacher from schooldays but guys, I’ve written a book… a children’s book.”

Each of the Morning Rumble team are characters in the book, with Bryce turning all of them into animals. How bloody good. 

“It’s called ‘The Morning Rumble In The Jungle’,” Bryce explains. “We’re four animals and we all have terrible gas problems. We’re all different but we’re brought together because of our bonding of farting. 

“Roger you’re a rat - you’re Roger the rat,” he said, much to Rog’s disappointment. “Mel is a mad magpie. Mulls is a moose - Mully the moose. I'm a long tooth beaver."

It’s not actually available to buy yet, but it’s written and in the process of being published and all that stuff. It should be good to go at the beginning of 2023 and all proceeds will go towards Mike King’s Gumboot Friday. 

“The hope is you [The Rock Listener] buy the book, you’d either give it to your own kid as a present - or just pay for a book and the money goes to Gumboot Friday. 

He also shared the moral of the story. You gotta have a moral. 

“The book is gonna be about celebrating that we all have differences and that’s obviously what we try and encourage - that it’s alright to be yourself, it’s alright to be different."