Rog's 2022 Stuff Ups
Rog's 2022 Stuff Ups
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The Morning Rumble

WATCH: We’ve made a montage of all of Rog’s on-air stuff ups for 2022

"I've done it with a sheep."

This is the easiest montage to make every year…

Rogee has been an announcer for 30 years now, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t make mistakes. In fact, he makes plenty of those. 

Throughout the year, Producer Ryan keeps track of every little slip up Rog makes, so we can bring you a big ol’ montage as we head to the end of 2022.

There’s still a few weeks left til the end of the year though, so we wouldn’t be surprised if there’s a few more to add on later. 

Check out Rog’s 2022 stuff ups up top!

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