Bryce on The Project
Bryce on The Project
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The Morning Rumble

Kids give Bryce brutally honest feedback about his children’s book on The Project

The Project sent Bryce along to Newton Central School.

Our very own Bryce Casey from The Morning Rumble appeared on The Project last night (March 14), to test out his children’s book ‘Tummy Rumble in the Jungle’ on some kids at a local primary school.

Bryce’s book features four-farting-friends in the jungle who come together through their shared love of flatulence, and are always there to listen to one another. All proceeds from the $20 book go to I AM HOPE’s Gumboot Friday. 

The Project sent Bryce along to Newton Central School to read the fart-filled-book to six kids, and it’s pretty bloody cute. 

Bryce reads the line, “I have many talents, but my best ones my tum. If you listen really closely, you’ll hear it toot out my bum!” Which was met with laughter and fart noises from the kids, because let’s be honest, kids love farts. 

Pointing at an illustration of Bryce the Beaver, he asks, “what’s happened here?”

“Diarrhoea,” one of the little girl’s said with no hesitation. 

So, was the book a hit with the kids? 

Out of ten, one of the kids very honestly gave it a one. Brutal. 

Another gave it a “One hundred, twenty, one hundred billion, billion” out of ten - or something like that. Not a bad review at all.

Overall, the kids really loved the book, and Bryce was stoked to be able to get in front of some young ones and see their genuine reactions to it. 

Have a watch of the video of Bryce on The Project up top, and click here if you’d like to buy a copy of ‘Tummy Rumble in the Jungle.’ You can buy it for a kid in your life, or you can choose to pay it forward to schools or communities in need. 

‘Tummy Rumble in the Jungle’ is officially, a non-official best seller! Thank you so much to anyone who has purchased one - we bloody appreciate you.