Rog does the most terrible Irish accent ever
He claims to be "very Irish" but he sounds very Scottish and Welsh...
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The Morning Rumble

Roger "very Irish" Farrelly is absolutely trash at speaking with an Irish accent

But if you wanted Scottish or Welsh, he's got you covered....

Strap yourselves in for a treat, ladies and gentlemen.....cause this is the greatest (and worst) video of a man attempting an Irish accent of all time.

Roger Farrelly - who claims to be the most Irish on the show, saying he's 66% Irish (and 34% Agria potato) - made the bold statement on the show that he was "more Irish than Mel".

So we made him put his money where his Irish mouth is.

Turns out, he sucks at it. And when we say sucks, we mean he really, REALLY sucks.

Rog channeled through Scottish and Welsh accents seamlessly, and without any Irish in sight. Quite the skill actually. The only Irish he managed to get out was an old, outdated (and perhaps now offensive?) "fiddly dee, potatoes" which brought the room down....and not in a good way.

Watch above.