Rog gets wiped out on a biscuit
The Morning Rumble
The Morning Rumble

WATCH: Rog proves how much of a biscuit hero he is (and gets wiped out twice)

But he actually did pretty bloody good we reckon!

Last week, Rog was talking a big game about how great he goes on a biscuit.

"I'm a gun on a biscuit" we heard him say. "Show the kids how it's done" he also retorted. Skip to about 31:17 of The Morning Rumble podcast below to hear it unfold.

And you know how it goes. When you talk a big game on the radio, you got to back it up - and the good folks from Warren Hay Marine from Whangarei made sure he did.

They brought down an absolute BEAST of a boat, a unit outfitted with twin 350's that can click up to 90km/h - to give Rog a chance to show us how hard he can go on a bickie.

Check it out below.

We gotta say - not a bad effort from the Big Dog. Sure he fell off twice (check out the hang time he gets on the second time) and it also took him forever to get back up on the biscuit....but goddammit, he wasn't half-wrong.

Big thanks to the team at Suzuki Marine and Warren Hay Marine.