'He dropped a house on his hand': Listeners tell us how they lost a finger
The Morning Rumble
The Morning Rumble

'He dropped a house on his hand': Listeners tell us how they lost a finger

Don't watch or read this while you're eating.

On Friday, we asked listeners how they may've lost a finger or two, and we fittingly called the segment 'Fingers Friday.'

Firsly we had Blair on the line who knows someone that dropped a house onto their hand. Yup, a whole fkin' house. His hand was left stuck until the house was jacked back up. 

It flattened old mate's thumb and first finger. Ouch. 

Then we had Bryce on the line, who's Dad got into an Indy car addicent in 1965 which involved getting caught on fire. It left him with a severly burnt hand, and the doctor's had to amputate all five fingers on his left hand.

As Bryce beautifully put, "he was burnt so bad, they had to take all the fingers off his left hand. But to this day he still never complains, Rog." - Bryce with a zingerrrr. Love to hear it.

Then we rattled through some gnarly texts, like from John, who cut his ring finger off with a circular saw while making a wishing well for his mate's wedding. Seems like an elaborate plan to stop wearing ya wedding ring.

Vince text in to tell us that his brother chopped off two of his fingers with an axe when Vince was just two years old. Crikey.

And finally Mike, who lost a finger about three years ago with an angle grinder that exploded in his hands. He went to his workmate for help, who went as white as a ghost and passed out.

It was about then when Mike realised that he had half of the cutting disc lodged in the side of his head...

... And he was back at work two days later. Maddog.