Rog walked in on his parents 69ing
Thanks, this is information I did not need.
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The Morning Rumble

Everyone lost it when Rog shared how he walked in on his parents 69ing one night

This is information I definitely did not need to know.

Yes, you read that headline correctly and apologies in advance if that made you violently throw-up everywhere.

I'd love to be able to cleverly write about how this moment came to be, but all you really need to know is - Rog pulled a topic out of a hat (the "Chathat", as they're now calling it) and he had 60 seconds to do a speech about how he found out about the birds and the bees.

Somehow, that led Rog to sharing a very traumatising (but very hilarious) memory of him learning about the birds and the bees, from when he walked in on his parents performing a mathematical sexual act on each other.

Trig. Gerred.

Anyway, watch up top. I'm gonna log off and not work on Rumble vids for a wee while now.