Sharyn confirms how long Bryce lasts in the bedroom
Well, we did not expect it to go like this...
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The Morning Rumble

Sharyn confirms how long Bryce lasts in the bedroom

This is NOT the answer we were expecting.

Well, well, well. Would you look at that.

Sometimes in life, you genuinely get floored by something someone says. Gobsmacked. Flabbergasted. Left at a loss for words.

Today was one of those days - well, for Rog mainly.

Producer Ryan dropped into the studio to share some results from an Australian survey, which said the average duration Aussie blokes lasts in bed is 5:30 mins. Mel shared that her ideal length is between 10-20 minutes, which Rog scoffed at - he thought that was far too long and it should only be 2-3 mins (speaking from experience, Rog?)

Bryce chimed in saying he reckons 10 minutes sounds about right, and reckons he's good for "10 mins of Casey" each night - which led to the show calling his wife Sharyn to confirm or deny.

And ya know what....not only did she confirm it Bryce was not lying, she went well overboard with the details and shared how Bryce is actually a bit of a top-shelf rooter.  

We were waiting for the punchline, or for Sharyn to correct herself to saying seconds and not minutes, but it never came (insert joke about Rog here).

So yeah, do with that information what you will.