'Amazing': Rage Against the Machine's first ever public gig can be watched on YouTube

'Amazing': Rage Against the Machine's first ever public gig can be watched on YouTube

Far out these guys literally were killing it from day one.

In possibly one of the greatest YouTube videos to ever exist, Rage Against the Machine’s first-ever public performance is available for our viewing pleasure. 

Filmed in October 1991 in California, the baby-faced band rips through 11 tracks, with the opener being a very early version of the legendary ‘Killing in the Name’, which, 30 years later would be number one on our Rock 2000 countdown - who would’ve thought. 

Check it out below. 

How bloody good is that! We only wish we could have been in that crowd. Here’s the whole setlist with time stamps if you’re itching for a certain track. 

  • (00:00) Killing In The Name
  • (02:21) Take The Power Back 
  • (08:55) Auto Logic 
  • (13:09) Bullet In The Head 
  • (18:57) Hit The Deck 
  • (23:24) Township Rebellion 
  • (28:57) Darkness Of Greed 
  • (32:56) Clear The Lane 
  • (37:16) Clampdown 
  • (41:05) Know Your Enemy 
  • (46:08) Freedom

It’s genuinely crazy how good they were from day one and for their age.

Leadman Zach de la Rocha is only 21 at the time. Bassist Tim Commerford and stickman Brad Wick were just 23, while guitarist Tom Morello was the oldest at 27 - he absolutely shreds it the whole concert. 

Zach is a killer front man from day one, bringing in that iconic angry energy that the band is now world-renowned for - especially during ‘Bullet in The Head. 

Watching the crowd grow over the 50-minute concert just goes to show how electric and enticing the band has always been. 

Commenters on the YouTube video are pretty much all freaking out over a) how awesome it is that this video is free to watch and b) how good the band is from day one. 

“What’s amazing about this is how confident and assured they are for a first public performance,” one comment reads. 

“The guy who recorded this deserves a medal,” said another

“So basically they never sucked. First show fire,” reads one more. 

Rage has been a mainstay in our Rock 2000 countdown over the last twenty years.

As well as ‘Killing in the Name’ being number one last year, almost all the songs off their debut, self-titled album have featured on the countdown (Township Rebellion is the only one not on it). 

With this year's countdown just around the corner, we’re sure Rage will be competing for that top spot. 

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