'Fkn incredible': Arctic Monkey fans react after the band’s first concert in three years

'Fkn incredible': Arctic Monkey fans react after the band’s first concert in three years

"The Arctic Monkeys are what the Beatles thought they were"

Love them or hate them, the Arctic Monkeys are performing live again for the first time since early 2019. 

They have been headlining some festivals around the globe this year, but haven’t held a concert just for them in that time. 

The British band performed at the Zorlu Center in Istanbul, Turkey last night, completing a 21-song-long setlist including songs from all of their albums. 

Their fans had a lot to say and post about on Twitter, with loads of footage and pics popping up on the site. 

To be fair, the lighting and stage production does look pretty sick.

The four-man band is only just kicking off their European tour. After another show in Istanbul, they are set to hit Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Croatia, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, and France over the next month - so basically stay away from Europe if you don’t dig Alex Turner and his band. 

After that, they’ll be headlining the legendary Reading & Leeds Festival at the end of August.

The band has been working on a new album for some time now. Back in August 2021 drummer Matt Helders told BBC Radio 5 Live that the band’s next project is pretty close to being done. 

When asked if it was ready to go, Helders replied: “Yeah, pretty much, yeah. It was a bit disjointed how we had to do it, and there are bits to finish off, but yeah, it’s all in the works.”

In a more recent interview, he told Mike Dolbear that AM’s next album will have a similar sound to ‘Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino’, the last album the band released. 

“It kinda like picks up where the other one left off musically,” he said during an Instagram interview with Dolbear. 

“I mean, it’s never gonna be like ‘R U Mine?’ [a 2012 song by the band] and all that stuff again, you know, the heavy riffs and stuff.”

“But there are riffs in there and it’s a bit more up-tempo, even though it’s not loud. It’s hard to explain!”