Flea from the Red Hot Chili Peppers explains why he hates taking photos with fans

Flea from the Red Hot Chili Peppers explains why he hates taking photos with fans

Fair enough mate.

Legendary Red Hot Chili Pepper bass player Flea is a bloody good bloke, but he doesn’t like taking photos with fans and has let people know why. 

It all started when a fan, Luke, posted a video to Twitter of a quick convo they had with the band’s frontman Anthony Kiedis and Flea after a concert. 

“Flea, thank you (and AK) for being so kind and genuine while meeting us,” the tweet reads. 

“You both are such rays of sunshine; you didn’t have to stop and chat but you did and I hope you know that you really impacted our lives. We love you and AK with all of our hearts!”

People responded to the tweet saying it’s a rare occasion to talk to the rock legends. Luke replied to one of those tweets saying that it makes the conversation way cooler and that no one in his group actually asked for a photo or anything. 

Flea says the whole ‘no-photos’ business is why he and AK talked to them. 

“It’s because you all generated a kind and gentle light, and didn’t ask for a picture,” the 59-year-old tweeted. 

“We are always down to talk and chat, asking for a photo ruins it instantly.”

It seems that Flea is a big fan of just living it the moment, hell yeah Flea. 

He made things more clear in another tweet when he answered a fan who asked him what’s so bad about taking pictures. 

“There’s nothing wrong with it,” he said. 

“But it ruins having actual conversation. It is a transaction.”

Fair enough mate. Having to pose all the time instead of actually talking and connecting would get bloody annoying. 

Agree or disagree with him, it's great to see a legendary icon like Flea being open and honest with fans. 

The Rock is stoked to be bringing the Red Hot Chilli Peppers to NZ next year, with shows in Dunedin and Auckland. Make sure to get a ticket and you could possibly have a yarn with the boys, just make sure not to ask for a photo.