The artists that have dominated the top 10 of our Rock 2000 countdown over the years

The artists that have dominated the top 10 of our Rock 2000 countdown over the years

Loooads of bands and artists crack the countdown, but these five dominate the top of the top.

The Rock 2000 is back again this year, with the votes flooding in the 2022 countdown is going to be another doozy for sure. 

Many, many, many bands find themselves with a spot somewhere in the countdown every year, but there are some bands that just seem to resonate much more with you guys. 

In total, there have been 33 different bands/artists that have had a song in the top ten any given year.  However, a few bands have separated themselves from the rest, including one with more than double the appearances of the second place comer.

This article is going to take you through the bands that have been mainstays in the top 10 of the Rock 2000 over the years. 

The five bands with the most appearances in The Rock 2000's Top 10.

5. Foo Fighters
With fifteen appearances, the fifth most of any band ever, we have the Foo Fighters.

‘Everlong’ is their most successful song, having appeared in the top ten in eleven different years including coming in at #1 back in 2020.

4. Rage Against The Machine
Having won last year’s countdown with their classic ‘Killing in the Name’ we know that Rage are stalwarts of The Rock 2000.

They’ve had a song appear in the top ten 17 different times, and all but one of their songs (Township Rebellion) from their debut album appeared in last year’s countdown. 

3. Guns N Roses
Having also appeared in the top ten 17 times, Axl Rose and the boys are definitely a huge force in The Rock 2000.

They also accomplished what Rage Against The Machine couldn’t, having every song from an album (Appetite for Destruction) appear in the 2021 countdown. 

In 2006, they held the #1 spot with ‘November Rain’. 

2. Pearl Jam
18 top ten appearances sees Pearl Jam being the second most popular band in The Rock 2000’s top ten spots.

2003 was a killer year for the Seattle band, having three spots in the top ten: ‘Alive’ was #10, ‘Betterman’ was #4, and they held #1 spot with ‘Daughter’. 

‘Black’ also saw them come in at #1 in 2019. 

1. Metallica
Metallica have far and away dominated the top ten. They have held a top ten spot 38 times - just legendary stuff from a legendary band. 

In 2002 they held BOTH top two spots with ‘Enter Sandman’ (2) and ‘One’ (1). 

‘Enter Sandman’ won again in 2004, 2005, and 2008.

‘One’ reached the top spot in 2009, 2011, and 2012.

‘Master of Puppets’ also won in 2016. 

If you think there’s a band out there that deserves more spots in the top ten, then get voting!

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