Sublime are getting their own biopic and it’s being written by the guy who wrote Ozark
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Sublime are getting their own biopic and it’s being written by the guy who wrote Ozark

I said remember this.

Californian ska punk and reggae band Sublime are getting their own biopic directed by Francis Lawrence (‘I Am Legend’, ‘Hunger Games’) and written by Chris Mundy (‘Ozark’). 

Band members Bug Gaugh and Eric Wilson say they are stoked that the movie is on the way and that Lawrence and Mundy are at the helm. 

“Wow - we can’t believe this is finally happening,” Gaugh, Wilson, and the family of the band’s late frontman Bradley Nowell said, as reported by Deadline.

“We couldn’t be more honoured and excited to have the great Francis Lawrence and Chris Mundy telling our story.”

“We know Bradley’s talent and spirit will be part of this incredible journey.”

The band’s manager, Dave Kaplan, said that the story of Sublime is a bloody good one that deserves to be told. 

“We’re thrilled Sublime’s insanely cool and important story will finally be told,” Kaplan told Deadline.

“They were fearless and pioneering in bringing together so many musical genres, cultures, and lifestyles during their short time as a band, and their music is still influencing musicians and artists to this day.”

"Short time" is an apt description of how long the band was in the limelight for. They started in 1988 and ended in 1996 when Bowell passed away. 

In that time they released three albums: ‘40oz. to Freedom’; ‘Robbin’ the Hood’; and ‘Sublime’. 

Their self-titled album was their most successful, going 5x Platinum in the US and Platinum here in New Zealand. 

The album features some of the band's most well-known tunes, with songs like ‘What I Got’, ‘Santeria’, and ‘Doin’ Time’ all featuring on the album, and they are all absolute bangers. 

No release date or any promotional material, such as a trailer, has been released yet but we'll let you know when there is one.

We can’t wait to watch this one, it should be a goodie.