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Sublime release first new song since 1996, featuring the late Bradley Nowell and his son Jakob

The new track 'Feel Like That' comes from a 1996 outtake.

Sublime has released a new song for the first time in 28 years - how good.

The Sublime boys returned to the stage at Coachella 2024, with Bradley Nowell’s son Jakob taking his late dad’s place as frontman, and nailing his performance. Just a month later, they’ve now released a song featuring both Bradley and Jakob.

The newly released track, named ‘Feel Like That’ comes from an unfinished outtake from 1996, where Bradley was jamming with Sublime bassist Eric Wilson and drummer Bud Gaugh for their self-titled album at Willie Nelson’s Pedernales Studio in Austin, Texas.

The track not only features Jakob’s vocals and Bradley’s original 1996 vocals, but of course includes Eric Wilson on bass and Bud Gaugh on drums. Scott Woodruff - frontman of the reggae and dub band Stick Figure - provides additional vocals. 

‘Feel Like That’ was produced by Stick Figure, who built the track by taking the instrumentation from the 1996 session, as well as producer Johnny Cosmic, and longtime collaborator of the band, Michael ‘Miguel’ Happoldt. 

The band said on social media that they wanted to “honour the past while bringing in the future” and are stoked to release their first track from “the next chapter of Sublime with Eric, Bud and Jakob.”

Speaking about the new track to SPIN, Bud Gaugh said “It feels so good to release a new, previously unheard song and with Jake and his dad on the same track?! Can you feel it?! I sure as fuck can!!” 

Sublime fans are loving the new reggae-rock tune, with one person commenting: “This track makes me feel like Bradley is still with us.Takes me back to my favourite time for music, movies & memories; the late 90s.”

While another commented, “for all of us teens in the 90s… this is just beautiful!”

A third wrote, “Woah, Sublime is actually REALLY back. What a time to be alive.”

Check out the new tune up top!