Aussie Bloke lost feeling in leg, almost died after holding in a poo for three days
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Aussie Bloke lost feeling in leg, almost died after holding in a poo for three days

Just let it out mate.

An Australian geezer has had the epitome of a shit time after holding in so much poo that one of his legs became paralysed and his life was at risk. 

Taking himself to the emergency room after three days of abdominal pain and nausea, the 53-year-old’s right leg had also lost all feeling, was cold to touch, and had no pulse. Good call going to the ER mate. 

Old mate had never taken any drugs, had no diseases or illnesses and was pretty much in tip top shape. Doctors were stumped until they undertook a rectal examination on the bloke and found that he was extremely constipated. 

There was much poo backed up inside him that it had swollen his large intestine and was pushing up against an artery that sends blood to the legs, hence his right leg being in a sorry state. 

Doctors immediately sent the poor guy to surgery as his kidneys could have soon been affected which would have been deadly. Once under the knife, surgeons performed “significant faecal disimpaction,” according to the doctor’s report.

In other words, they surgically removed all the shit that had built up inside of him.

The now extremely lighter patient stayed in the hospital another four days before being let out, but he still couldn’t walk until two weeks later. It is still a mystery as to why he didn’t poo for three whole days.

Just goes to show you it’s always better to just let shit out, especially when it is actually shit. 

At least our constipated mate didn’t try to DIY his health issues like one of our listeners did. Dave called Jay and Dunc and filled them in on a story that involves a longboard, estrogen patches, and Patrick Swayze. You can read all about that here.