Why blokes should masturbate 21 times a month, according to science
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Why blokes should masturbate 21 times a month, according to science

Can't argue with science.

According to science, lads should be masturbating at least 21 times a month ... and you can’t argue with science.

Researchers from Harvard University have published their study in the scientific journal European Urology, which found that blokes who ejaculate 21 times a month can reduce their chance of developing prostate cancer by a third.

The researchers surveyed 31,925 men over 18 years, keeping tabs on how often they were feeding the chooks or having sex, which led them to discover that orgasming actually has health benefits. 

The research team found that those who crossed the finish line at least five times a week had a greatly reduced risk of prostate cancer. 

One reason for this could be that orgasming can flush out cancer-causing toxins that if not released, could build up in the prostate. 

But reducing your risk of prostate cancer isn’t the only health-benefit to ejaculating; studies have found it can also help with reducing feelings of stress, help with sleep, and help regulate appetite. 

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