Lars Ulrich hopes Metallica have 'another decade' before retiring
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Lars Ulrich hopes Metallica have 'another decade' before retiring

“I would say if we stay healthy, hopefully we've got another decade."

Lars Ulrich says he hopes Metallica have 'another decade' in them before they call it quits.

Speaking to Revolver Magazine, the drummer was asked whether him and his bandmates ever discuss the idea of retirement. 

“It's not something we've talked a lot about, no,” Lars replied “I think most of the energy and the resources go into trying to stay healthy, stay cohesive, stay functioning.

“As I get older, I spend more and more of my time on my daily workouts, on my cardio, on my strength training. I'm chained to my Peloton hours a day. It's all about trying to stay healthy; eating healthy, living healthy, whatever it is each of us need to bring to the table...

"...Obviously, there is a point where it's maybe not going to function anymore at some level, where we can't play ‘Battery’ or ‘Master of Puppets’ or songs like that. I know there's some people in the comments section that think that point has already come, and I appreciate that.

“But the only thing I can say is that it hasn't happened yet, knock on wood. Hopefully it won't happen for a while. I mean, McCartney's out there past his 80th birthday. The Stones are still out there.  Springsteen just started his tour...

"...Springsteen plays three-hour shows and just played 28 f**king songs on the opening night. He looks healthier and stronger than ever.

“...I would say if we stay healthy, hopefully we've got another decade."

When it comes to making albums, Lars insists the 'Nothing Else Matters' rockers still haven't figured out a shortcut to make records faster.

'72 Seasons' is the follow-up to 2016's 'Hardwired... to Self-Destruct', a gap of seven years.

He said: "I don't know how possible it would be to make an album in a shorter amount of time.

"We do take it seriously and we do try to do the best we can.

"But as we get older, it doesn't feel like we're any closer to cracking the code on any of it than we were 10 years ago, or 20 years ago, or 30 years ago.

"I mean, you can romanticise about having to finish an album on the 28th of the month because you're about to run out of money, especially if you're sitting freaking the f*** out and trying to figure out what's up, down and sideways, but I guess at the end of the day, I wouldn't change a thing."

Metallica have dropped four songs off their fourthcoming album so far - ‘Lux Æterna,’ 'Screaming Suicide,' 'If Darkness Had a Son.' and the title track '72 Seasons.'

If you wanna be one of the first in the world to hear '72 Seasons' before its release, grab yourself a ticket (or try win one) to Metallica's Global Listening Party. 

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