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Metallica perform 'Lux Æterna' & reveal the first albums they ever owned on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Plus they talked Stranger Things, their kids and more.

It’s a big ol’ week for Metallica fans around the world.

The metal legends kicked off their four-night residency on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Monday night, in celebration of their newest album 72 Seasons dropping this Friday, April 14th. 

The band’s first evening on the late night talk show entailed a performance of the title track from the forthcoming album, as well as chats about ‘Stranger Things,’ their world tour, the first albums they ever bought, and more.

Speaking about Stranger Things, and the way ‘Master of Puppets’ exploded following it being used on the show, Hetfield said:

“It still blows my mind that people like that song, first of all, and that the younger generation are embracing it.”

“Who would’ve thought, right?” said Ulrich.

Later in the interview, following a chat about the vinyl pressing plant the band recently purchased, Kimmel interjected asking each member their first vinyl they ever owned.

"The first one I bought, in 1973 my dad took me to see Deep Purple in Copenhagen, Denmark. The next day I went to the record store and bought their Fireball album," Ulrich responded.

The next member to respond was Robert Trujillo, who shouted out, “My first album was Santana Abraxas.”

Kirk Hammett on the other hand, had the curveball album in the group.

“I don’t really want to say,” the guitarist said. "Ok, it was the Partridge Family Christmas Album." 

The crowd cheered, and Hammett recalled, "It came with a green cover and a red envelope that you took and you opened it up and there was a Christmas card signed by the Partridge Family." 

The album Hammett was talking about was the 1971 album ‘A Partridge Family Christmas Card,’ which featured a fictional TV family band covering different Christmas classics. Who would’ve guessed?

James Hetfield was the last to share his answer, and didn’t give a specific album but said, “I think it was Lynyrd Skynyrd.”

Following the chat, the band ripped into their title track from their forthcoming album ‘Lux Æterna’ and they sounded pretty bloody epic. Have a watch of the performance up top.

Metallica have dropped four songs off their fourthcoming album so far - ‘Lux Æterna,’ 'Screaming Suicide,' 'If Darkness Had a Son.' and the title track '72 Seasons.'

If you wanna be one of the first in the world to hear 72 Seasons before its release, grab yourself a ticket (or try win one) to Metallica's Global Listening Party.