Ozzy Osbourne, the man who doesn’t rest, is writing a new album & plans to tour next year
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Ozzy Osbourne, the man who doesn’t rest, is writing a new album & plans to tour next year

He's also shared a health update.

The man, the myth, the legend Ozzy Osbourne has shared an update on his health, and revealed he’s working on an album and a tour for 2024. This man doesn't stop!

The 74-year-old Black Sabbath legend - who has undergone a series of spinal operations after suffering a fall in 2019 - has undergone his "final surgery" and has some big plans for the coming year.

He told Metal Hammer magazine: "I’m getting myself fit. I’ve done two albums fairly recently, but I want to do one more album and then go back on the road."

Ozzy is one determined motherf*cker. At the start of the year, he made the tough decision to cancel his upcoming tour, and announced that his touring days were over. But it sounds like he’s far from ready to retire. 

Ozzy - who worked with Andrew Watt on both 2020's 'Ordinary Man' and last year's 'Patient Number 9' - has a studio at his home in the UK, and he is looking to get Watt back in there to work on some new material.

He added: "I’m just starting to work on it now, and we’ll be recording in the early part of next year. I want to take my time with this one!"

Last year, Watt revealed that Ozzy has numerous unreleased songs that feature the late, great Taylor Hawkins. Wonder if any of those tracks will feature on the upcoming album?

When it comes to his recovery from surgery and his fall, Ozzy admitted he is struggling to "get used to this mode of living".

He explained: "I’ve had all the surgery now, thank God. I’m feeling OK — it was just dragging on.

"I thought I’d be back on my feet months ago, I just couldn’t get used to this mode of living, constantly having something wrong.

"I can’t walk properly yet, but I’m not in any pain anymore and the surgery on my spine went great."

In the meantime, Ozzy and his family have revived their podcast after five years, and have released three full episodes so far. They’ve already covered topics like cats, cults, crime scenes, Satan, and the Illuminati, and have said “nothing’s off limits.”

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