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Blink-182 pay homage to Ramones in new music video for 'Dance With Me'

The music vid pays homage to "one of their favourite iconic bands that came before them."

Blink-182 have released a music video for their new tune 'Dance With Me' - have a watch up top.

The pop rockers wear wigs, leather jackets and sunglasses in the promo for their track 'Dance With Me' which pays tribute to the legendary punk band and recreates several moments from their career including scenes from their 'I Wanna Be Sedated' video while Blink-182 also perform on a stage reminiscent of New York venue CBGB where the Ramones played a famous gig back in 1974.

A press release states of the promo: "The video serves as a love letter to the Ramones and finds the guys paying homage to one of their favourite iconic bands that came before them."

The video opens with a recreation of the Ramones' 1981 interview on 'The Tomorrow Show' with an interviewer introducing Blink-182 and asking: "What the hell is punk? And is it punk that I said hell?"

Mark Hoppus then replies" “Punk is doing what you think is right on your own terms and not answering to anybody else and not letting people tell you how to live your life.”

'Dance with Me' is from the band's upcoming ninth studio album 'One More Time,' which features 17 songs and has been produced by drummer Travis Barker. Previous singles taken from the record include 'Edging', 'More Than You Know' and title track 'One More Time'.

The upcoming album is set for release on October 20th - which means when the band heads to NZ in March next year, we’ll be up to speed on the boys’ new tunes. Get all your ticketing & event info for Blink-182 Live in New Zealand here.