Full fat skim milk: Living On The Edge 27
Rock Drive
Rock Drive

Full fat skim milk: Living On The Edge 27

11 August 2023 4:59PM

Loose unit alert.

You lot are back with the 27th round of crowd favourite 'Living On The Edge'!

As per, it's packed with pearlers - have a read of some of them below and check out the video to see the side splitting reactions from the fellllllars.

'Wife bought skim milk so I added cream to the milk.'

'Just went through a roundabout - straight through with the hazards on lads.'

'Went in the exit at the toilets. Guess who walked out the entry.'

'The instructions in my Lego set said open one bag at a time. I'm not letting those rules tell me what to do. Opened them all at once, BRACE FOR IMPACT!'

'Missus buys long life milk for the cupboard but I open it straight away and drink it there and then. Short life milk now cuz.'

'I put some 10-minute marinade on my pork chops. Slapped them straight on the grill.'

'I just jet washed my car. It's fully electric. And it was plugged in. Charging!'

'Ate two packets of family size pasta. I ain't no two families - I'm just one fat fulla.'

'Wife told me don't forget to get the meat out of the freezer before work so it has time to defrost before mum and dad will be over at 6.30 for dinner. You guessed it lads. I completely forgot. So I knocked off 30 minutes early, raced home from work. Chucked the meat in the microwave. Slapped that bad boy on high for seven minutes, and the missus didn't even realise... unless she's listening to this right now... then I've done myself in....'

Simply great gear. Hear the rest up top!