More insults that don't have swearing
Rock Drive
Rock Drive

More insults that don't have swearing

Caution: Contains kid-friendly burns.

If you're looking to remove a few F-bombs from your vocabulary but still need some good insults at the ready, you've come to the right place.

Jay and Dunc have once again collated some of the best non-swearing insults you lot had heard and there are some absolute howlers.

Non-Swearing Insults Part Two
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Watch the full video above to hear them all or read them below:

'My seven-year-old daughter came out with this one the other day. She called her father a mutt hole. When asked what that was, she responded 'a mutt hole is a dog's butt hole.'

'I had absolutely no expectations - and somehow, you lowered them.'

'If you were useless, that would be an improvement.'

'If you were Chuck Norris, there'd be no Chuck Norris jokes.'

'You're as much use as a trap door on a rowing boat.'

'It's not that I think you're stupid - it's just that when I asked if you could spell orange, you asked if I meant the colour or the fruit?'

'Geez mate, you're so far behind you think you're in first place.'

'I truly truly believe you were conceived on a motorway. Seems to be where most accidents happen.'

'Put your brain in a chicken and it would run backwards.'

'You're not the dumbest person in the world, but by geez you'd better hope they don't die.'

'Do you get up early to practice being this thick.'