Thirsty Thursday waits for no one: Living On The Edge 28
Rock Drive
Rock Drive

Thirsty Thursday waits for no one: Living On The Edge 28

Calcutta splutters on tap.
11 August 2023 5:57PM

The confidence in the delivery of some of Dunc's lines, honestly.

We're in to Volume 28 of Living On The Edge and you guys are showing no signs of backing away to the safe side. Read a few beauties below and check out the vid for the full rundown!

'I accidentally made eye contact with my co-worker through the crack in the bathroom door. Didn't quite know what to do, so I blew him a kiss. He's not talking to me anymore, but I'm sending kisses.. from the edge.'

'I've been laid up with COVID this week. Day four,  full sending it for Thirsty Thursday, you little beauty.'

'Faced the opposite way on the airport travelator. The sign said face direction of travel.'

'Had a bowl of hot soup for lunch - and I mean piping hot. Didn't bother hitting it on the edge, I went straight for the centre.'

'Laying in bed listening to Living On The Edge while next to the wife and she's trying to sleep. Not a good idea fellas - I physically got kicked out of bed and now I'm on the couch.'

'Had some takeaway chook last night. Woke up at 3am with the old Calcutta splutters. Spewing my guts out as well. Guess who's having the leftovers for lunch today?'

'I live in Ireland and I get up for work three days a week at 3am, so I listen to the Rock Drive home on the drive to work.'

'I sometimes vacuum the hardwood floors with the Hoover on the carpet setting.'

'Just slapped on my best aftershave. Still running three days of stubble.'

'I'm welding in a singlet under my car only held up by a scissor jack, that's living on the edge fellas!'