Billy the Skid, the Owl and Mopey Dick: Nicknames Vol 44
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Billy the Skid, the Owl and Mopey Dick: Nicknames Vol 44

1 December 2023 2:43PM

And then there was fourty-four.

Nicknames are well and truly back like they never left.

In this edition we have:

'A guy called William who always left skidders on the bog at work. We called him Billy the Skid.'

'We have a woman that works with us whose name is Patty and she's always mad. So we call her Krabby Patty.'

'My mate Dean is quite short and made this stupid decision in college to dye his hair a Slim Shady blonde. From then on, he was known as eenie meenie teeny weeny little yellow headed Deanie.'

'Worked with a guy for a couple of years, and he was a tubby fella, always miserable and dragging his feet. His name was Richard, so we nicknamed him Mopey Dick'

'Worked with a guy who constantly blinks, and any time he joins a convo he says 'who who who are you talking about?'. His nickname is the Owl.'

'We had a supervisor at work who was short, fat and had a stutter. We nicknamed him Porky Pig.'

'I work for a trucking company. We had a new guy start called John. Within a week. He got the nickname Nan because his truck was full of potpourri and smelt like a Nan's house.'

'My mate at work has a glorious red mane of hair and freckles on his very light skinned face. We call him Beans on Toast'

'My girlfriend's name is Tess. My mates and I have nicknamed her Tickle. Tess Tickle.'