Bryce & Mel vs Former Professional Decathlete Scott Mclaren in javelin and high jump

The Morning Rumble 05/08/2022

The Morning Rumble went head to head with Former Commonwealth Games Decathlete Scott Mclaren, to see how athletic they truly are. 

Turns out, they're not that athletic. Who would've guessed?

Rog was up first, versing Scott in shot put. Then Mulls took Scott on in long jump - check out that video here

Bryce, who talked out of his arse all week saying he was a javelin champ in school - was terrible at javelin. Surprise surprise. Check out the results, or lack of, below:

Bryce - No Throw x3 (the tip didn't go in first... lol.)

Scott - 40.1 meters

We saved the most athletic Rumble member for last - Mel gave high jump a nudge. She absolutely nailed it. Results:

Mel - 1.10 meters

Scott - 1.70 meters

Mel took out the big W with her impressive high jump skills - she nailed it on the first go. 

And to end The Rumble Games, a 100-meter-sprint was in order, where we got Scott to start 20 meters back.

Bryce ended up coming 1st, but it doesn't really matter cause he still sucked at javelin.

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