Watch the Rumble take on a Former Professional Decathlete in athletics

The Morning Rumble 05/08/2022

The Morning Rumble went head to head with Former Commonwealth Games Decathlete Scott Mclaren, to see how athletic they truly are. 

Turns out, they're not that athletic. Who would've guessed?

Rog was up first in The Rumble Games, and took on Scott in shot put. Scott easily doubled The Big Dog's score, and Rog could barely hold the shot put. Check out the results:

Rog - 4.84 Meters

Scott - 10.94 Meters

Then Mulls took on long jump, and after a few failed attempts, still only got as far as the pit. See results below:

Mulls - 2.56 Meters

Scott - 5 Meters


Now go have a watch of how Bryce and Mel went!

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