Sharon reveals why Ozzy Osbourne first said 'no' to his awesome Commonweath games gig

Sharon reveals why Ozzy Osbourne first said 'no' to his awesome Commonweath games gig

Thank the lord that he ended up doing it!

If you didn’t see it, metal legend Ozzy Osbourne surprised fans by sending off the 2022 Commonwealth games with a killer performance of ‘Paranoid’ with Black Sabbath bandmate Tony Iommi

According to his wife Sharon Osbourne, he only knew he was going to do the gig at his hometown of Birmingham six days before he was on stage.

He was performing in front of 30,000 people at Alexandra Stadium, as well as millions of people watching on their TVs. 

Check out the unreal performance below. 

Ozzy has been battling with health issues over the past year, to the point where he had to have surgery as he could barely walk.

Sharon, talking to Talk TV, said he had to turn down the Commonwealth Games gig when he was offered it earlier in the year because of his health. 

“They asked us six months ago, and Ozzy couldn’t possibly have done it till after his last operation,” she said. 

“They saw Ozzy at Comic-Con and they said, ‘All right. Come on. Get him over.’ And we were like ‘All right’. And literally it was six days from their phone call to getting him there.”

Sharon was also stoked that Ozzy could to perform in the town he was born and raised in, giving the city a bunch of love as well as saying her husband will never forgot his roots. 

“Birmingham is an amazing city now. It’s cosmopolitan. It’s beautiful. No matter what he achieves in his life, no matter whatever he does, he’s from Birmingham. He’s so proud of coming from Birmingham.”

It’s bloody awesome to see Ozzy is feeling better and still rocking out like no one else can. 

Ozzy and Black Sabbath have been huge players in our Rock 2000 countdowns of the past so if you're a fan, you'll want to be making sure the Ozzman is appropriately represented.

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