'The most metal meeting': Metallica announce new 'Stranger Things' Hellfire Club merch

'The most metal meeting': Metallica announce new 'Stranger Things' Hellfire Club merch

The merch comes after the band paid tribute to Stranger Things during their Lollapalooza set.

Legendary heavy metal band Metallica is collaborating with the hit Netflix show ‘Stranger Things’ and providing fans with some new merch.

The collab comes after Metallica’s song ‘Master of Puppets’ was used in the show’s finale, with one of the characters, metal-head Eddie Munson (played by Joseph Quinn), shredding the tune on an electric guitar to distract a bunch of demons who are guarding the bad guy’s lair.

Eddie Munson runs the Hellfire Club, which is a Dungeons & Dragons group in the show and is what the new merch is built around. 

The band announced the new merch on their Twitter yesterday, saying:

“We’re having the most metal meeting ever of The Hellfire Club so we’re scouting out ‘lost sheep’ and outsiders to join. Do you think you have what it takes? Then suit up!”

The design of the new clothing line is an exact replica of the shirts the group wears in the show. That group consists of Munson, as well as, Mike Wheeler (played by Finn Wolfhard), Dustin Henderson (Gaten Matarazzo), and Lucas Sinclair (Caleb McLaughlin). 

You can buy some merch for yourself at the Metallica or Netflix websites.

‘Master of Puppets’ got some well-deserved attention after appearing on the fourth season of Stranger Things.

Recently, the 1986 track cracked the UK’s Top 40 Singles chart, the first time the band has done so in 14 years, and, for the first time EVER, the band made its way into the Billboard Hot 100 list. 

Last weekend, the band met up with Joseph Quinn at Lollapalooza and they jammed out with the actor. 

Quinn asked the band if they like the show, to which frontman James Hatfield replies:

"I'm a big fan of it, have been since Season 1. My kids and I, it's been a bonding experience for us."

Watch their Lollapalooza meet-up and performance below.