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Mike King reacts after Chris Luxon confirms new government will fund millions to 'I Am Hope'

"To the Rock listeners, we would’ve never have got here without you guys.”

On Friday, the new coalition government officially confirmed they would be funding Mike King's charity 'I Am Hope' to the tune of $6 million annually. It's a huge moment for King's charity and he told us earlier this morning the commitment wouldn't have happened without Rock listeners. 

After winning last month's election, Prime Minister-elect Chris Luxon came on to the Morning Rumble and swore that he would make the funding happen. After literally putting his money where his mouth is, he returned to the show this morning. 

"We said we'd do it and we've done it," he said. "It's in the coalition agreement."

"It’s a great organisation, they do an incredible amount of work and why wouldn’t you wanna just power up them so they can do more and even more impact with young people? It’s pretty simple really."

Bryce told Luxon that it's the first time "we've asked the government to make something happen and it’s happened," adding that it's a proud moment for the show and all the Rock listeners. 

Luxon's aware it's a great start but said the job is far from finished. 

"It’s the beginning of it. We’ve got a lot of work to do in the mental health sector as you know. It’s long work and it’s hard work and it’s gonna take time but we’ve got a start and it’s something."

"I wanna say thank you to you guys because you’ve done a brilliant job highlighting mental health issues. The way that you talk about it with your audience is fantastic."

"Bryce, you’ve done a brilliant job - just advocating so strongly for it and I know you’ll hold me to account as we continue to meet up and talk. Hopefully, you can see that we’ve said what we do and done what we said.”

An incredibly chuffed Mike King also came on the show, confirming that all the money is going to 'Gumboot Friday' and thanking the Rock listeners for all their unreal support over the years. 

Listen to The Morning Rumble's full chat with Mike King below:

"Every cent of it is going to Gumboot Friday," he said. "The Chris Luxon interview that you guys did with the headline ‘Hold me to account’ - that was the seal. The Rock listeners, we would’ve never have got here without you guys.”

“Lots of people are taking credit lads, lots of people are taking credit but from our organisation’s point of view, it's you guys. You guys have been there from day dot. It’s been amazing.”

Improving mental health services in Aotearoa has long been a goal of The Rock, so to see real money committed to such a service is a great start. Rock listeners voicing their immense support for 'I Am Hope' and donating over $3 million to it has undoubtedly been instrumental in the government taking note of it. 

Here's hoping the government stays committed to the cause and support for those who need it becomes easier and easier to get.